Summer Vaping Tips- Using your vape in hot weather

Summer Vaping Tips- Using your vape in hot weather


Keep your device cool - Avoid leaving your E-Cig in direct sun, or any places that become especially warm such as a hot car.

Keep your e-liquid cool - Make sure to store your vape juice in a cool, dry place. Don’t be tempted to store it in the fridge, as cooler temperatures will affect the flavour and effectiveness of your liquid.

Keep your e-cig charged - Warmer weather will run your battery life down faster. It may also mean thunderstorms and power outages. So keeping your E-Cig and back up battery charged is a good idea.

Don’t charge your E-Cig in a hot car.

Don’t leave batteries in direct sunlight - Make sure batteries are kept in a cool and dry place and don’t be tempted to carry them around loose in your bag as they could easily overheat.

Replace older batteries for summer - Batteries have a life cycle of around 120 - 150 recharge uses.

Keep batteries in a case at all times when not in use.

Don’t get your device wet.

Be Careful when travelling – Sand and dirt from can damage your E-Cig. Use a carry case when out and about to protect your device.

Look after your coils - The hot weather can cause the sugar in your e-liquid to caramelise and damage the coils in your E-Cig. Clean them regularly and have replacements just incase.

Watch for leakage in the tank - If your tank gets too hot, it can lead to the seals breaking down and e-liquid leaking out. If your tank is quite old, it may be time to get a new one.



Each country has their own laws on vaping, and it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with them before travelling. 

When transporting your E-Cig it’s always best to use a carry case to protect it from heat and damage. You will need to check your airline for how to transport your E-Cig and what you are allowed to take with you. You can find some guidelines on this at Most airlines ask you to keep your device in your carry on bags rather than your checked luggage.

These days most airports in the UK don’t allow the use of E-Cigs within their buildings, you will need to check your specific airport for more information.

This website will give you a breakdown of the current rules for all UK airports. However, we still recommend checking with the specific airport you’re flying from before you leave.


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